Nembol for Brands
Agreement with Brunner

Nembol for Brands is the cloud service that enables brands to distribute product content and suggested retail prices to their authorized retailers.

Brunner and Nembol agreed on the following specific terms in addition to the standard Terms and Conditions of Nembol for Brands service:

  1. Brunner will initially purchase Nembol for Brands with Standard Intelligence for the sole Italian market and for a retailer network of up to 500 retailers.
  2. Total agreed price for the aforementioned service is $500/month. Please proceed at paying by providing a valid credit card at the Purchase link below. Nembol collects payment via the external service Stripe, and does not store credit card data. Monthly $500 instalments will be charged automatically.
  3. Brunner can opt-out of the service in any moment and without notice.
  4. Attached to the Italian market, Nembol grants to Brunner the right to activate Nembol for Brands also on the Slovenian market with a 50% discount on the full price, and to provide content in the Slovenian tongue and with a dedicated Slovenia price list, if applicable.

By proceeding with the payment, you agree to Nembol for Brands' Terms and Conditions, as emended with the above specifically agreed terms.