Brands can now easily distribute product content and suggested retail prices to authorized retailers, resulting in increased advertising and more sales!


Nembol is an easy and powerful technology for uploading products online. Sellers can create listings from scratch or retrieve approved product content from the Nembol cloud via a simple barcode scan. Nembol for Brands is now available as a subscription service. For more information read the FAQ.

For your brand

Circulate complete and correct product descriptions, pictures, and prices among your retailers. 10x more retailers will advertise your products online, covering up to 100% of your collection and using 5x more channels than before, resulting in 500x more exposure for your products and your brand. More sales, for everyone!


For your retailers

Authorized resellers can retrieve the content you provided with a quick barcode scan and publish online effortlessly and error-free in less than 5 seconds. They can use selling channels, advertise on social media, or do both, all with just a tap on Nembol's publish button.



Brand sends product content

Brand gives digital product content to Nembol: approved descriptions, high-quality pictures, and correct prices for each market and language



Nembol makes it available

Nembol automatically makes the content available to authorized retailers via barcode scan, in Nembol free app or on Nembol Web



Retailers publish online

Brand communicates to its retailers that they can now advertise and sell online with free, high-quality product content in just seconds


Nembol for Brands is available as a subscription service

Price vary by retail network size and type of market intelligence chosen.
For more information contact us, we will get in touch shortly.


The E-Commerce Academy: a free and complete knowledge base available 24/7 to retailers and sales reps

Easy tips, tricks, and guides on how to use the Nembol app (including how-to clips), best practices for writing posts and listing titles, social advertising, marketplace e-commerce, strategy, tactics, and much more!