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A ranking of sport brands on eBay. How many sellers, how many listings

In view of the ISPO trade show, at Nembol we decided to use a little bit of our PriceTutor technology to look at the online presence of sports manufacturers. 

We went back to the data of 36 sports brands on eBay.de over a period of 3 weeks during mid 2018. We picked eBay because eBay and Amazon are veritable product search engines and rack up more product searches than Google. Presence on marketplaces is therefore of concern for both CMOs and CEOs.

We found for the 36 brands a total of over 60,000 listings, published by 3,500 sellers shipping from a total of 28 countries.

Note that we set PriceTutor to select only professional sellers with full contact information and only new products. This search represents the universe of authorized retailers, those supposedly sourcing goods from genuine wholesale channels: the manufacturer or the distributor. 

Some key findings of our analysis:

  1. The biggest sports brand amongst the 36 was Salomon with 7,500 listings by 585 sellers shipping from 11 countries. By the way: Salomon trend is growing fast.

  2. Salomon had just fewer listings but more pro sellers than the lifestyle monster-brand Ray Ban, which had 8,200 listings by 184 sellers from 14 countries.

  3. Beside Salomon, other 10 sports brands had more than 1,000 listings: Kappa, Columbia, CMP, Oakley, Mizuno, Dainese, Jack Wolfskin, Salewa, Petzl, Lowa. Note: also a few of these are growing fast (e.g. Dainese)

  4. Paradoxically, some of the top-10 adopted sales policies forbidding their authorized retailers to list their brand on marketplaces, so either restrictive policies do not work, or there is a lot of counterfeit products and grey market out there. Evidence tells that reality is a mix of these two causes.

  5. The top 10 brands have on average 18 listings per seller, the second 10 have 9 listings per seller. This means that larger brands on eBay also see published a larger portion of their catalogues compared to smaller brands. This of course increases the number of times they emerge in search results, and therefore their reach and likelihood of selling.


The full table is published below. This is just a hint of analyses PriceTutor can run on listings, on products, on brands, and on sellers.

Ranking per number of listings and sellers of 36 brands on eBay.de over a period of 3 weeks in mid 2018

Ranking per number of listings and sellers of 36 brands on eBay.de over a period of 3 weeks in mid 2018

We all know how many issues marketplaces generate to the Marketing and Sales departments of brands and of distributors.

At Nembol we have both a software platform to help retailers publishing genuine branded content, and PriceTutor: an enterprise-level tool that helps brands monitoring their resellers’ behavior and spot grey market and counterfeit. Click here to know more about PriceTutor.