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Amazon affiliation tips: an experiment

This is a progressive experiment on Amazon Affiliation. Let’s start with some of our preferred business books. They are a useful read for all actual or future entrepreneurs, in e-commerce and other industries.

Please note that if you click on the links below and then purchase on Amazon, we will earn an affiliation fee. Links may land you on some specific Amazon Locale, such as amazon.fr, amazon.de, or amazon.it. Thank you.

Tim Brown’s Change by design: the original masterpiece launching the Design Thinking movement. A must read for all of us who create and put to market a product or a service.

Rework, the book: a bunch of seemingly trivial hints, but not trivial at all. Put together in an extremely readable format, super-pleasant reading, and super super super useful for all of us who run a tech company.

Let my people go surfing: opens your mind and your heart, on the Planet, the environment and on how to build a company as successful as Patagonia.

An interesting part is Amazon international affiliation. So this is an affiliation link to amazon.es. You may use it if you wish to purchase something from Amazon in Spain.

The interesting part is that not all purchases will generate a affiliation gain. Some are excluded, and it is not always easy to understand why.