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Amazon barcodes and SKUs while listing new products

How to solve Amazon issues via Nembol

How to solve Amazon issues via Nembol

Amazon automatically checks the coherence of the barcode (UPC, EAN, ISBN, ASIN) a seller provides against other info they require. If there is incoherence, Amazon will block publication. This is a description of an example.

One of our users just asked us:

“Hello, I am using the trial 14 days and I have imported 10 products from my eBay store. I just wanted to test sharing one product to Amazon and have successfully linked my Amazon store. The item I tried to list on Amazon via Nembol has come up with this error message:

Error 8541: The SKU data provided is different from what's already in the Amazon catalog. The standard_product_id data provided matches ASIN B07B…X4, but the following data is different from what's already in the Amazon catalog: part_number (Merchant: '' …, item_name ..). If this is the right ASIN for your product, update your data to match what's in the Amazon catalog. If it's not the right ASIN, make sure that your data for standard_product_id is correct. 

Of course the user kept on with a:

“I'm a bit confused because I didn't know Amazon used their own SKUs… if I am going to bulk list my eBay products, how is this going to work? I have about 1,000 products I want to list on Amazon, via Nembol. Thank you.“


Amazon does not have their own SKUs as this user thinks. The issue here is that there is somebody else that before this user used the same Unique Product Identifier on Amazon: either the ASIN, the UPC, EAN, or ISBN code. 

Amazon automatically checks the coherence of the UPC a seller provides against other obligatory info they require, for instance the SKU code or the Manufacturer Part Number.

Amazon is now telling this user that this specific combination of SKU code + barcode is already in Amazon’s system and corresponds to a different product. 

If this happens to you, if you are sure that your UPCs or EANs or ISBNs are genuine GS1 barcodes, for instance because you are using the manufacturer's UPC / Barcode, or because you are the manufacturer and you are correctly sourcing your barcodes, you have to ask Amazon to fix the issue.

Don't hesitate to write me again for further help.