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Get the Most of Nembol

Depending on the type of business you run – whether if you are a shop owner or sell goods online (or both) – there are several ways you can use Nembol to improve your online presence and ease your product listing tasks. In this article, we showcase the four main usages we have registered in the last three years since Nembol was created back in 2014. 

1. Product repository

Today, for selling products online it's not enough to publish them on a website and wait for potential customers to place an order. Sellers need to handle multiple digital points of sale (e-shop, marketplace corners, social media) and it gets soon complicated and time-consuming to multiply items across platforms. With Nembol, users centralize their inventory and publish, duplicate, edit, and delist products as they wish – on a laptop or on the go, right from the free Nembol mobile app.

Tip – Want to have all your products centralized in Nembol? Don't start from scratch, import your items using the web version.

2. Multi-channel sharing tool

Another – perhaps the main – usage that online sellers do of Nembol is as multi-channel sharing tool. We have created Nembol with one mission: making product listing easier. Our customers first connect Nembol to the channels to use (simply logging in to their accounts in the channels area), then they're a toggle away from listing on one, two, and up to 15 websites at once.

You can use Nembol to list on: Pinterest, eBay, Facebook, Etsy, Twitter, Tumblr, Amazon, Shopify, Storenvy, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, Kijiji, Scloby, and Vend. 

3. Teamwork and cross-device sync

Let's say you have a two people business, or run a medium-sized shop with 5 employees, or simply use two smartphones, a laptop, and a tablet: install Nembol using the same email address on all devices and products will be synchronized! What does this mean? If a teammate adds and publishes a product, you see it immediately. If she duplicates and edits an item, you see that too. 

One Nembol account, multiple users, as many devices as you want! Check our support article on how to use Nembol on multiple devices.

4. Barcode reader

There are two ways to add new products in Nembol: by creating your own content (pictures, title, price, and description) or by reading a barcode and retrieving ready to use digital assets provided directly by the manufacturers. Nembol partners with brands that want to improve and increase their digital presence while helping resellers to thrive online. Shopkeepers that use Nembol read a barcode with the free mobile app, instantly get professional photos and texts, choose where to publish, and list an item online in as little as 4 seconds! Ask your suppliers to join Nembol.

Tip – When you sell an item in-store that you previously published online with Nembol, simply remove it from all websites with a quick tap-and-hold.

There are several possible uses that depend on your needs, budget, and business size. Having the Nembol app installed on your smartphone or tablet is always useful: to upload unsold items, to empty stock, to centralize online and offline inventory, or to list new items on different marketplaces and websites at once. The mobile app is 100% free and it will remain free. You may choose to try the web version (available starting at $29/month) if you need to create items with variants, to import existing listings, or to use the app from a laptop computer.

Don't hesitate to share your Nembol experience in the comments below, and if you like the app please spare a minute to review it in your favorite app store, on Facebook or, if you're a Shopify store owner, on the Shopify app directory.