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How to take product photos that actually convert into sales

In this post we will go through how to take great product photos with your smartphone and how to optimize your use of Nembol's camera features.
It's as easy as saying cheese :)

Aspect ratio, device orientation, and focus

Product pictures are what the majority of sales start from. Product photos need to catch customers’ attention and be as representative as possible, so they deserve a little extra care in the shooting phase. 

  • Prepare the set: use good lights, avoid flash, and contextualize your product.

  • Square, portrait or landscape* format? It's up to you! But our advice is to choose one and stick to it in order to keep the listing product page consistent.
    *unlock your device's orientation first

  • Tap on the screen to adjust focus. Based on where you center the focus, you will get a different light exposure. If you have one, use a tripod.

  • Snap. Snap. Snap.

  • Use picture preview to take a look at the results.

Define the product's Key Photo

By default, the first picture you take is used as the Key Photo, which means Nembol will use it as the featured image for all the channels you publish on. However, you can choose whichever picture you like best by simply tapping on the white star 💫

Snap labels, catalogs, and all texts

Nembol's text recognition technology grabs texts from photos without you even realizing it and allows you to use them in product fields.

Scan the barcode for increased visibility

More and more marketplaces and classifieds websites want every product to be univocally associated to an EAN or UPC barcode (Amazon always did this and eBay recently introduced it) . This allows them to better identify your products and makes it easier for customers to find them, both on the marketplace itself and on search engines.
When taking pictures with Nembol, you can scan barcodes from within the camera. Just swipe left and the barcode scanner will appear on the screen. 

Professional photo shooting?

If you already have your pictures ready, just import them from your Camera roll or your Dropbox folders!

If you want to contribute to the discussion, share your opinion with us, or just show your product pictures, write a comment below.
We’d love to follow your progress and help you to sell more!