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Questions and Answers on using a CSV to publish your products multichannel

Since April 2019 you can use Nembol to publish your products nearly effortlessly on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Storenvy, Shopify, WooCommerce and more using a CSV file. (The same CSV file that your warehouse or POS or custom e-commerce tool allows you to export.

There is a good article here explaining the ins and outs of it. In this article, we run through some questions recently asked by some of our users. And provide answers:

  1. I downloaded Nembol CSV template but it seems really small in terms of the fields it has in it. For example, Shopify has a CSV Template that has about 50 column fields in it alone. How can this be?

    • ANSWER: Our CSV is small because we made it minimal for your ease. We made it easy because we collect only obligatory information on your products, and because Nembol sets lots of rules centrally per each channel you use.

  2. My file seems perfectly identical to Nembol example and still does not upload. Why?

    • Most likely the issue is that you are using the wrong separator without noticing it. Nembol requires ; as a separator and not , .

    • Both Excel and Numbers hide the separator to your view and get it from your computer’s operating system settings. To make sure you are using ; just open your file in a text editor and verify manually. In case of error just search , and substitute with ; .

    • This is why we support a ““ text qualifier. I.e. any text written in your .csv file within quotes, can contain ; without it being seen as a saparator once imported.

  3. Can I have descriptions containing ;?

    • ANSWER: Yes, just use the text qualifier. Example: “This text can contain ; without triggering a separation”

  4. Why do I need to host my pictures online, and where can I host them?

    • ANSWER: You need to host pictures online because they cannot be added otherwise to any text file. You can host them on any picture hosting service, such as Google Photos or Cloudinary, as long as such tool provides you with a public URL per each of your pics.

  5. I am using Dropbox but my images in Nembol are blanc. How can I fix this?

    • ANSWER: You have to set your Dropbox so that the images are downloadable. The URL in the pics has to change from:

    • The difference is in the 1 vs 0 in the last element of the URL.

  6. There are some options in Etsy that need to be selected like the year the product was created, who created the product and more, but I do not see those within your CSV. How can it work?

    • ANSWER: You select Etsy options in Nembol just once for many products you publish, not in each product. This makes publishing much faster. You publish a bunch of products with the same characteristics, then you change settings in Etsy settings inside Nembol and you go on with the following group of products and so on.

  7. Can I upload product variations, or variants with Nembol CSV?

    • ANSWER: Currently not. We chose to use the simplest standard on the market, and not many sellers in fact sell products with variations. You can still add variations to your products later on inside Nembol.

  8. On Shopify you can use an HTML description but on Etsy you cannot, so how does that work?

    • ANSWER: You can import HTML descriptions in Nembol from the channels which support HTML (eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce). Then Nembol is smart enough to pass over to Etsy and Amazon no HTML and to Shopify and eBay the correct HTML they will accept. Easy!

  9. Etsy does not permit products younger than 20 years old, so do you stop any products that are younger than 20 years from being sent over to Etsy?

    • ANSWER: We don't stop your products from being published to Etsy. It is you declaring in Etsy settings inside Nembol that your products are old enough. It is under your responsibility.

  10. I wish to try Nembol. Do you have a discount coupon?

    • ANSWER: Yes, we do have discount coupons for really nice first-timers. Please write to our in-app chat citing this article. Welcome onboard!

Please let us know if you have further questions. Our chat and email support is active Monday through Friday during central European working time, but sometimes we manage to reply also during weekends