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Instagram introduces 'Shop Now' feature

Instagram is currently beta testing a new feature that allows retailers to tag up to 5 items in an Instagram post, each with a direct link to the item for sale. The transaction would not take place on Instagram, but rather on the retailer's website.


The new feature, announced on November 1st, is launching with 20 selected retail partners including Kate Spade, J. Crew, Warby Parker and Macy's. Starting next week, a selected group of Instagram users (only with iOS devices and based in the US) will test product tags and the 'Shop Now' call to action featured on the posts of the test retailers.

Social commerce is gaining momentum

The idea of tagging items on pictures and selling on social media has been around for some years now, and different services joined the competition to offer the best hashtag selling tool or shoppable Instagram feed. However, when the platform introduces a native feature, as Instagram just did, the game changes and the shopping experience for the consumer has the potential to become really seamless. 

Before Instagram: Etsy and Pinterest

Etsy launched Shop Updates last February, visual posts where a seller can tag items for sale. Shop Updates are meant to allow sellers to "share behind-the-scenes photos with followers on Etsy and on social media". The publications appear in fact on the Etsy social feed only, and sellers need to take action in order to share them on other social media as well.

Etsy Shop Update

Etsy Shop Update

Pinterest too is moving towards social commerce with its buyable Pins and visual search. Buyable Pins are automatically created for products pinned from any online store where the feature is supported (Shopify, Demandware, Magento or BigCommerce) and enabled. Visual Search is a powerful feature that lets Pinterest users search for similar items based on picture similarities.

Pinterest Buyable Pin

Pinterest Buyable Pin

Optimizing social commerce with Nembol

When selling online, it's important to give visibility to each and every product listing. Social feeds are ephemeral, and adding product publications to your social strategy can help you increase traffic to your website or product listings. As of today, there are many selling venues and several social media to use, and managing them all can quickly become too time-consuming.

With Nembol, you can publish multi-channel with a single gesture, and social posts are automatically linked to the product listing so that your fans and followers are easily redirected to the product for sale. The free Nembol app is currently available on iOS and Android devices, and a web version is in the making. Stay tuned!

The free Nembol app

The free Nembol app

How do you manage multi-channel product publishing? Let us know what channels you regularly use to sell and promote your products online, and which ones you'd like to start using!