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Products not showing up in Storenvy Marketplace

It may look like some of your products haven't been successfully published on Storenvy - you can't find them on your Marketplace Store yet nothing is missing on your Custom Storefront.

This means that products are there but for some reason something has prevented them from showing up on the Marketplace.   

An easy to spot incongruence

An easy to spot incongruence

Let's look at a few possible causes together:

  1. Have you waited at least 72 hours?
    This is the amount of time it may take products to be indexed.

  2. Could your products possibly be considered restricted or illegal items?
    If so, they might have been banned.

  3. Is there a maximum number of products that can be shown on the Marketplace?
    Not as far as we know.

Are your products still not showing up?

As explained in their help center, there is a silly yet simple trick to make them magically appear: hide and re-activate them. That's it!

It worked wonderfully for us. We hope this will help you, too!

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