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Should a retailer use Pinterest?

Yes, retailers and online sellers should publish products also on Pinterest. It will bring more traffic to their website, marketplace listings, or store. For free.

The advantages of using Pinterest to sell online

The advantages of using Pinterest to sell online

For those less familiar with social media, Pinterest is an image search engine and social network. Even if you've never used Pinterest before, you may want to keep reading.

In the past 18 months, Pinterest has introduced several new features that make it easier for their 100 million monthly active users to find and compare products. So Pinterest is a very smart venue for anyone wishing to sell online. And it's free.

Pinterest Visual Search

One of the most important features Pinterest has recently added is the image search (see above a screenshot of Pinterest on a mobile device). Using the visual search command in the top-right corner of the screen, a user can select an area of the picture and Pinterest will search for similar visual patterns within its database then provide the user with several options.


Here we applied it to the woman's dress. You can see that the results have similar colors and fabric patterns. Pinterest also gives the option to filter the results by type of garment.

Let's look at how we can apply it to a pair of shoes (thanks to retailer Unity Store). Pinterest recognizes that these are a pair of sneakers and offers logical filter alternatives.


By scrolling further, any Pinterest user can access a whole set of related products archived in Pinterest's database. You can see that many retailers and quite a few brands are already on Pinterest and their products are suggested to users doing a search.

When a user taps "Visit", the image, or the link beneath the image, he or she is automatically connected to the external website linked to the picture, meaning that ready-to-buy visitors are directed straight to the website or marketplace listing selling the product.



What are the takeaways for a retailer?

  1. If you publish your products also on Pinterest, any user can find them and easily access your website or marketplace listing (thanks to the visual search, this is true even if you don't have time to follow the community or are a complete novice)

  2. Publishing on Pinterest is completely free

  3. On top of the visual search, Pinterest has a set of community features that may lead users to like and share (a.k.a. repin) your products if they are interesting and have good pictures

Don't have time to publish on yet another website?

Whether you sell online or off-line, the only reason for not publishing your products also on Pinterest may be a perceived lack of time. With Nembol, publishing on Pinterest won't require any extra time if you already publish on a marketplace such as eBay or Amazon, or on your own website. Nembol will also automatically add a link towards your website or marketplace listing (hence increasing your traffic and potentially your revenues) at zero extra marketing cost.

Picture courtesy of merchant    shopwayback.com

Picture courtesy of merchant shopwayback.com