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The extraordinary outcome of our July's contest

After June's success, we've decided to launch another product listing competition for all Nembol sellers. We've introduced three major changes:

  1. Two weeks: sellers had time from July 15th to July 31st to post the most products on the most channels 
  2. Three winners: we awarded a total of $900 cash prizes ($500, $300 and $100) to the three best-performing sellers
  3. Extra points: sellers could get extra listing points by inviting friends!

With over 2400 products published, here are the competition's main highlights:

  • users from 8 different countries (USA, Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Israel, Canada, and Vietnam)
  • 6,712 listings published
  • 10 channels used: Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Kijiji, Storenvy, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Vend
  • Pinterest as the most used channel, often paired with Etsy and Twitter
  • peak registered on July 28th with 1,606 listings published in < 24h

Rankings have been changing quickly until the very last day of the competition: sellers managed to duplicate and quadruplicate their listings in just a few hours! Here are the winners and their performances:

  1. Fellow Wanderers went from 645 to 2,729 listings in the last three days only, winning the first place and the $500 cash prize
  2. DaLa Marie's Boutique went from 91 to 1359 listings in just a few days, winning the second place and the $300 cash prize
  3. C'est Ça New York entered the top three on July 28th and ended the competition with a great 833 listings result, winning the third place and the $100 cash prize

Congratulations everyone! 

We designed Nembol with traditional retailers in mind, those who don't have time to sit at their computer for hours. If it only takes 5 seconds to list a product, any retailer anywhere in the world can advertise products online, without worrying about being interrupted by walk-in clients, deliveries, or phone calls.

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