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Etsy Shop Updates & Social Commerce

Etsy Shop Updates are a new way to "share behind-the-scenes photos with your followers on Etsy and on social media". They're like social media posts except you can tag one of your beautiful items for sale! Let's dive in a little deeper.


How do I create an Etsy Shop Update?

In the Sell on Etsy app there's a new entry called "Shop Updates". A Shop Update is similar to a social media post - upload the picture you want to share, tag one of the listing in your Etsy shop (instead of a friend), and add a caption. 

Note: An Etsy Shop Update may only be linked to a single product for sale in your Shop. You can't tag multiple products or product sections or give sneak peaks of upcoming product releases.



Who will see my Etsy Shop Update? 

All your shop followers and anyone who favorited an item in your shop will see the update in their Etsy profile dashboard. Shop Updates can also be shared outside of Etsy by individually opening each social media account you'd like to use.


How much traffic do Etsy Shop Updates bring to my products?

We are not currently aware of any way Etsy offers to track Shop Updates' performance in driving traffic and sales. After reviewing dozens of Etsy forums, we asked Etsy and are awaiting a response.


How Nembol further improves Social Commerce

Nembol has a slightly different approach to social sharing. All products uploaded onto Etsy using Nembol can be simultaneously shared on several social media sites with no extra effort and social posts will always link to the product for sale. For an overview of how many visits your listings are getting from social traffic, simply turn your device to landscape mode and Nembol will provide a wide range of metrics.

Nembol is a free instrument to make selling and marketing on Etsy even simpler.


Tip! If you have existing products you'd like to publish on many more websites, now you can easily import them into Nembol! This is just one of a series of added services we are introducing that allows Nembol sellers to do even more with their app!

I hope this article was helpful! Don’t hesitate to comment below, tweet me, or ping me via email for any further insights. 

– Simona