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Why posting products online increases views and sales

We are contacted daily by retailers asking us how they can be found online more easily and thus get more foot (and online) traffic and score more sales. The clean and easy answer is this: publish more products online.

You don’t have to engage in a pricey SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign yet, nor hire a hard-to-find and costly online marketer. You can start by doing it yourself - in just 90 seconds.

Don’t believe me? Check this out.

This is one of several awesome products published by Ann of The Old Junk Trunk, one of our beloved users.

You can see that Ann takes the time to describe her products with an extended title, a few smart keywords, and some passionate lines of text. This of course helps prospective buyers to better understand each product, which is why it is so incredibly important. But it is also important for another major reason:

Search engines index every word
published on the Web

So, if you were to google some of the words that Ann wrote, guess what? The top results would be Ann’s products as listed on the numerous marketplaces she chose.

In addition to Google searches, your items will also be indexed by each Marketplace's internal search engine. So again, the more products you list with better texts and titles, the more visits and sales you’ll get.

If you publish on socials such as Twitter or Tumblr, the landing page will bear your store’s address and will therefore bring you more foot traffic. Same if you add your store’s address to your listings wherever you can.

If you are a retailer, you are used to describing your products every day to your in-store clients. Why can’t you do it online too? You would be good at it because you know your products, you've felt their fabric, and you've spoken with buyers and know who they are and how they use the product. Write all this in your listings! It only takes a few seconds and you can even use dictation.

Thinking about SEO?

In order to improve your Search Engine visibility, the words you need to include in your listings are the ones that you think most users are searching for today, then you need to make your texts as relevant as possible to your products. Once you've mastered this, you can go and hire an SEO agency to further improve on what you've already built. But my advice is to start first.

How many products do you have in your store? 3,000?
And how many of them have you ever published online?

Put more products online and you’ll get more visits.