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Why selling on both Amazon and eBay

Today a seller should really publish the same product contemporarily on both eBay and Amazon, and possibly a few more channels. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Publishing a product on both eBay and Amazon multiplies the chances of selling it.

  2. With Nembol, there is no additional cost to do this because products are shared on both eBay and Amazon instantly, with a single tap, and Nembol tracks inventory to avoid you double sales.

  3. Amazon is more expensive than eBay (Amazon charges 15% on most categories, eBay 9% + PayPal fees) but has no listing fees.

  4. eBay's listings expire unless you have the “GTC - Good Till Cancelled” duration, while listings on Amazon are there for the long term.

  5. eBay is a more open community while Amazon makes it more difficult for retailers to be allowed to sell. This positions Amazon a higher up in the perception of buyers, which means that selling on Amazon is considered more prestigious.

  6. eBay and Amazon punish out-of-stock sales. Fortunately, if a product is sold on one of the channels, Nembol delists it from the other. Thus, publishing via Nembol protects the seller from incurring sanctions for double sales in Amazon or eBay.

We calculated that, without Nembol, it takes a skilled user around 15 minutes to publish a single product on one of the two main marketplaces Amazon or eBay.

With Nembol, however, it is now possible to professionally publish a product on 10 social networks and e-commerce websites in as little as 90 seconds.

We therefore recommend using Nembol and publishing your products in as many channels as possible, especially in both Amazon and eBay.