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Nembol further reduces multi-channel product upload time

Nembol further reduces multi-channel product upload time

While online shopping is becoming even more popular, local retailers are looking for the tools that let them compete with big online sellers and their e-commerce dedicated workforce. At Nembol, our goal is to revolutionize retail worldwide, and we strive to make the product upload process easier and quicker than ever before – for local retailers as well as anyone who wishes to sell online.

The Nembol app for iOS and Android devices, that allows a seller to publish a product on multiple sites simultaneously, has been spiced up with these nifty features:

  1. Optical Character Recognition, to extract text from images and avoid typing.
  2. Object recognition on images, to pre-fill the product card with relevant information on the item for sale, such as color, material, and (if recognizable) brand and model.
  3. Barcode scan, to pre-fill the product card with all matching information found in database and data repositories.

All features will be available for free with the latest app release. 


About Nembol

Nembol is a tech company headquartered in San Francisco CA, with funding from Silicon Valley, Switzerland, and Italy. Nembol technologies enable any seller to easily publish products multi-channel, and interlink advertising and selling posts published simultaneously, automating online marketing and measuring its return. Nembol seamlessly bridges the divide between online and offline selling, allowing retailers to sell online multi-channel without setting up an expensive infrastructure or hiring a dedicated person. Nembol is revolutionizing retail worldwide.


Simona Casolari
Corporate Communication