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Nembol invited to the Outdoor Shop Test

Nembol invited to the Outdoor Shop Test

The Outdoor Shop Test event is dedicated to brands and retailers in the outdoor industry, and it takes place through September 14-16, 2016 in Cavalese, Italy. In this special occasion, the OST team and Nembol will present the solution for all participating businesses to distribute product content, sell and ultimately promote items online in just seconds.


Nembol's powerful technology enables online sellers to publish a product on multiple websites simultaneously – selling sites, classifieds, social media, and POS systems – starting with just a picture, a description, and a price. Nembol for Brands gives manufacturers the possibility to distribute high-quality photos, detailed descriptions, and correct prices to their authorized retailers for selling and for promoting the brand online. 

The official news on the OST website can be found here (in Italian).

About Nembol

Nembol is a tech company headquartered in San Francisco CA, with funding from Silicon Valley, Switzerland, and Italy. Nembol technologies enable any seller to easily publish products multi-channel, and interlink advertising and selling posts published simultaneously, automating online marketing and measuring its return. Nembol seamlessly bridges the divide between online and offline selling, allowing retailers to sell online multi-channel without setting up an expensive infrastructure or hiring a dedicated person. Nembol is revolutionizing retail worldwide.


Simona Casolari
Corporate Communications