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Nembol now available as Web app for desktop computers

Nembol now available as Web app for desktop computers

The Nembol mobile app for iOS and Android perfectly suits the needs of small to medium online sellers and brick-and-mortar retailers who want to list products online quickly and easily. Over the past year though, many of our users asked for a web-based Nembol app: they wished to access their product inventory on a wider screen, to drag-and-drop item pictures stored on their computer, and to publish multi-channel items that come in multiple colors and sizes.

Introducing Nembol Web

Nembol Web is accessible by visiting app.nembol.com from any desktop computer, and it is available as subscription plan for $29/month with a 14-day free trial. Using the same email address on the web and mobile app, Nembol users can have their listings automatically synchronized between their devices.


The interface will look familiar to all existing Nembol users: an area where to connect Nembol to selling and social accounts, another one where to create and manage items, user's profile settings, and an extensive support area to get any question answered along the way.

What's new in Nembol Web

  • Sellers can create multi-variant items and publish them on multiple websites simultaneously
  • All items are automatically synchronized between web and mobile Nembol apps that share the same email address
  • Full compatibility with the Nembol mobile app, which can be used as input tool and as barcode reader to instantly retrieve product data

A growing number of brands is using the Nembol technologies to distribute product content to their retailers for helping them sell online more efficiently. We believe that with Nembol Web we will extend our reach to the sellers and local retailers that prefer to manage their listings on a desktop computer, and meet the needs of those that have items that come in different color and sizes.

About Nembol

Nembol is a tech company headquartered in San Francisco CA, with funding from Silicon Valley, Switzerland, and Italy. Nembol technologies enable any seller to easily publish products multi-channel, and interlink advertising and selling posts published simultaneously, automating online marketing and measuring its return. Brands can benefit from Nembol technologies to distribute perfect product content to their resellers, helping them sell and advertise their products online. Nembol seamlessly bridges the divide between online and offline selling, allowing retailers to sell online multi-channel at their pace.


Simona Casolari
Corporate Communications