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Nembol now open to Brands

Nembol now open to Brands

We've started Nembol with retailers in mind: we wanted to create a tool that would simplify and increase their online sales, allowing them to compete in the online business. We've launched the Nembol app, a free multi-channel publishing tool available for iOS and Android devices, that already revolutionized the life of thousands of local retailers worldwide. Today we're happy to announce that we've taken a step further!

Brands can now benefit from the Nembol cloud technology to easily distribute ready-to-use digital content to their retailers via the Nembol app – a service with a value that can be calculated as above $3,000/year per retailer. With a simple barcode scan, sellers worldwide will be able to get high-quality photos, detailed descriptions, and suggested prices of any item, and to publish online in as little as 5 seconds, with no effort and perfect content!

The return for the brand is online advertising for their products worth tens of thousands of dollars and increased sales, both online and offline: when 100 retailers use Nembol to publish multi-channel 100 listings each, 10,000 listings are immediately generated on each main channel for any given brand. Add more retailers and more products to the equation, and you'll have an even greater impact.

Among the brands already up and running: Vanni (eyewear), Ferrino (outdoor), Brunner (outdoor), and Plart Design (home decor). More partnerships to be announced soon.


“With Nembol for Brands we address an actual need of manufacturers worldwide and we create significant added value since they can now boost and measure online brand impact and online sales while strengthening the relationship with their retail network” said Guido Meak, Founder and CEO of Nembol. “This not only answers the brand's needs, but also provides retailers with perfect content and the brand's support for selling and advertising products online.”

“Currently, e-commerce constitutes only 7% of consumer spending; most of the market growth is still to come. With Nembol for Brands we empower local retailers to easily gain online visibility and sell more, ultimately competing with the big guys."

About Nembol

Nembol is a tech company headquartered in San Francisco CA, with funding from Silicon Valley, Switzerland, and Italy. Nembol technologies enable any seller to easily publish products multi-channel, and interlink advertising and selling posts published simultaneously, automating online marketing and measuring its return. Nembol seamlessly bridges the divide between online and offline selling, allowing retailers to sell online multi-channel without setting up an expensive infrastructure or hiring a dedicated person. Nembol is revolutionizing retail worldwide.


Simona Casolari
Corporate Communications