Unchain products from your eBay account

Share eBay listings on other marketplaces
Share eBay listings on other marketplaces

Unchain products from your eBay account

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Publish your eBay products on many more websites! Import all your existing listings into Nembol in one go, with a single one-off payment.

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You put a lot of time and effort into uploading your products onto eBay. Why spend precious time doing it all over again? Import your listings into Nembol and quickly publish them on any and all of the integrated websites. 

1. Pay

Make sure to download the free Nembol app and connect your eBay account. Select the approximate number of items you want to import. What is an "item"? Let's say you listed a pair of shoes in 5 sizes and 2 colors. This listing will be imported into Nembol as 10 individual items with the size and color added to the title. Purchase the import using the exact email address you used to set up Nembol (you can find this in Settings in the app).

2. Relax

We'll take care of importing everything for you! After submitting the order, you will receive a confirmation email. We will contact you very soon afterward to let you know when your products have been imported. Shoot us an email if you have any special requests (e.g. if you want to import over 500 items).

3. Go multichannel

Open the Nembol app and refresh the item list to see all your listings! Simply tap on the listing you want to share, select the channels you want to publish it on, and tap "Publish". 

4. Create and manage listings

Rather than create new listings on the eBay website, from now on use Nembol to create them and publish them simultaneously on eBay and many more channels. Use Nembol to delist published products when they are no longer available and to delete those you don't need anymore. No more managing products on each website individually!