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Let us do the work! We'll list all the items you have in Nembol to the channels of your choice, automatically and in one shot!

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*You must be authorized to sell the type and amount of products you want to export. Amazon sellers: all products must have a valid barcode associated to an ASIN.

1. Order

From the drop-down menus above, choose where you want us to publish your products and select the number of items you have in your Nembol app (on the mobile app check the number that appears in the search bar at the top of the item list, on the web app check the number that appears at the bottom of the Product page). If you want to export to multiple websites, just add each to the cart before placing your order. Remember: the email address you enter at checkout must be the same one you find in Settings in Nembol.

2. Connect

If you haven't yet, go to "Channels" and connect Nembol to all the accounts you want to export products to.

3. Relax

We'll take care of exporting all your products for you! Some channels have limitations regarding the number of products that can be published via an automatic system, which may affect the amount of time needed to complete the export. We will contact you within 24 hours Mon - Fri to let you know when the export will been completed. 

4. Create new items in Nembol

From now on, use Nembol to create new listings and upload them on all the websites you want simultaneously! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a monthly subscription service?
Nope! You only pay once to export your items from Nembol to the channel of your choice.

Can I export to a channel I don't use yet?
Exports can only be done on accounts that you have already activated. The export will follow the rules of each website, so make sure that you are authorized to list the type and amount of products you want to export. 

What if I have more than 1000 items?
Contact us! We’ll be happy to work together to find the best solution for your needs.


Can I choose which items to export?
By default, we export all items that have not been published to the selected export channel yet. If there are certain items you don't want to export, shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. If your products are on one of our integrated websites, import them into Nembol first! Just add the import and export of your choice to your cart.

I purchased the export. What happens next?
After submitting the order, you will receive a confirmation email. We will contact you within 24 hours Mon - Fri to let you know when the export can be completed.