Affiliation and partner program

Do you have a following?

You can promote Nembol and save up to 100% on your Nembol subscription, or earn up to 20% of the fees you generate to Nembol!


Invite your friends: get up to 100% off!

You are a Nembol subscriber and want a discount? Just invite your friends!

Use the “Invite Now” button in your Nembol App Subscription page and send your coupon to as many friends you like.

If one accepts your invitation and becomes a Nembol paying user, she gets 10% off, and you too. If two friends accept, they get 10% discount and you 20%. Three accept? They all get 10% off and you get 30%, .. and so on till you have 10 friends on Nembol and you enjoy 100%


Earn a recurring revenue promoting Nembol

Do you have a blog, write a newsletter, post on social media? Affiliate to Nembol and earn money! We will generate and send to you:

  1. A discount coupon for you 
  2. A special affiliation link

You can then publish either in your articles and posts. When they use the discount coupon, your users will get 10% off their Nembol subscriptions, while we will grant you up to 20% of the fees you generate to Nembol each month.

The affiliation link also will grant you 20% gain, but with it your users won’t have to do anything: just click, and the link will generate a 30-day cookie that will associate users to you even if they will convert later.
Nembol affiliation can generate you a neat monthly recurring revenue.

Contact us to get more info and show us your blog!

Terms & Conditions

Nembol does not allow dofollow backlinks on guest blog posts.

Blog posts are meant to create value. We are happy to share real money with our guest bloggers, but we are not willing to spam links. However, we will take into consideration dofollow links with long-term affiliates.

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