Nembol was founded in 2014 in San Francisco by Guido Meak, an e-commerce veteran, sportsman, and University professor.

Faithful to its own vision and mission, Nembol first built a mobile-only App which enabled sellers to list a product on multiple online channels in thirty seconds. The app leveraged computer vision and text recognition to create an automated product card and apply automated categorization starting from just a couple of product or catalog pictures.

The company successfully raised two subsequent rounds of seed capital, from a total of twenty investors spread over California, Oregon, Texas, Switzerland, and Italy. With the aid of these funds, we built a passionate team, which knows e-commerce ins-and-outs. Some of our investors later joined our Board of Directors, and all of our team-members receive stock options.

Over the years, the initial mobile-only Nembol 1.0 evolved into Nembol 2.0, a Web-based suite of technologies, which allow sellers to:

  • Keep their inventory in sync
  • Manage product content at once
  • Generate their own transactional website in one-click, starting from their marketplace listings
  • Apply automated price-rules with the goal of increasing their own sales and customers’ happiness

As of May 2024, Nembol worked with 20,000 online retailers and brands, selling from 65 different countries. Many of them are e-commerce experts, some are enthusiastic newbies, a few are dropshippers, a host are future-looking brands.

We are excited to announce that on November 8, 2023, we released Nembol 3.0, a completely renewed platform with enhanced onboarding, new and improved functions (including some innovative ones), integration of new channels (such as TikTok Shop), upgraded aesthetics, advanced analytics, and improved APIs. In short: a better Nembol!

We learn stuff every day, we serve more clients, we build goodwill. Join us on this wonderful journey!

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