Best dropshipping apps for Shopify in 2023

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When it comes to dropshipping, Shopify is considered one of the best e-commerce platforms for dropshipping, and in this article, we will explore tips and ways to automate it on the platform.

What is dropshipping and how does it work?

Dropshipping can be a low-risk business model that is particularly economical for smaller businesses – when a shopper buys a product from a dropshipping e-commerce store, a third-party supplier ships it directly to them. It is a great order-fulfillment method allowing you to save money by avoiding stocking inventory.

With this model, you are only in charge of:

Running a dropshipping business, you purchase at wholesale price and are responsible for shipping fees and establishing a healthy profit margin. In the beginning, it takes significant research and commitment so success does not come overnight. Hence, it’s worth remembering that a dropshipping business can be highly competitive, as multiple other merchants will possibly be selling the same or similar products at similar prices (as it happens for vendors and sellers on Amazon).

Can you automate dropshipping?

What is automated dropshipping?

Automated dropshipping refers to the usage of the software that can ease and reduce the number of manual tasks, allowing better performances in terms of time, effort, and accuracy.

Running a dropshipping business takes time and money, especially considering managing, training, and paying a team. However, using third-party apps can reduce costs and reduce efforts, making the business more efficient and remunerative.

Instead of manually accepting and processing orders, using Shopify’s automated dropshipping apps can help you handle that workflow for you.

You set the rules and automation follows suit.

You first need to choose all-in-one dropshipping automation software from Shopify’s app store.

Keep reading to learn which are the best life-changing apps to run your dropshipping business!

Shopify dropshipping apps

Sourcing products from online retail platforms

Assuming you are ready to set up a dropshipping store or have already started your e-commerce business, the good news is there are ways to automate it and the Shopify app store offers several attractive tools, making this platform a dropshipper-friendly solution.

One of the main software to consider to automatize your dropshipping business is such example is Oberlo.

Oberlo can automatically communicate information from your store to your dropshipper. For an effortless experience, it is recommended that you also download its Chrome extension which can be used even if you only use the free subscription plan.

Even though Oberlo is not an e-commerce platform itself, it’s a very practical link between your store and suppliers. Oberlo works with AliExpress and permits the import of products from the AliExpress database to your storefront.

If you are worried about why the import will adapt to your brand identity and website style, there is actually a lot of room for customization and SEO.

Dropshipping from different suppliers

If you collaborate with different suppliers, which already have their Shopify stores populated with well-optimized dropshipping listings, you can use Nembol to clone their products into your Shopify Store!

Using Nembol, you can connect existing listings on 2 Shopify stores, and it’s super easy:

  1. You connect your 1st Shopify store to Nembol, adjust your “Import from Shopify” settings
  2. Connect 2nd Shopify store, adjust your “Import from Shopify” settings
  3. Run import from 1st Shopify
  4. And the import is finished, run import from your 2nd Shopify
  5. Nembol will CONNECT your identical listings on the base of same SKU codes

You can now choose to keep the inventory and orders synced or independent on your stores:

  • Keep the quantity sync OFF, and sales, orders, and payments will be kept independent
  • Switch it ON, and your inventories will sync together.

Nembol also works with WooCommerce, allowing to export WooCommerce products to Shopify (and vice versa).


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How to automate dropshipping orders

When it comes to having an automatic order processing flow, AppScenic is another great tool worth mentioning.

Manually directing all new orders to your various suppliers is both tedious and time-consuming to human error. Instead of spending hours processing them, the AppScenic app for Shopify sends orders to your suppliers in real-time with all the information necessary to fulfill them.

Tracking numbers are auto-generated and attached to the order in your store, while suppliers can begin prepping as soon as data is imported.

This helps to possibly eliminate any delays or miscommunication and ensures smooth operations for a better customer experience.

A dropshipping app that provides tracking can make a huge difference for your customers.

Automatic payouts

AppScenic also offers an innovative wallet system, letting you automate payments to your suppliers without having to continually keep track of them.

When you set up an account, you:

  • Configure your wallet with your preferred payment method.
  • Set up multiple payment methods so that there is a safe backup option in the event you run out of funds on your default method.

This is a trusted way to stop worrying about missing a payment.

Last but not least is Collabpay, which is another Shopify app that helps you automate payments to different suppliers.

The plugin’s function is that it calculates earnings divided to different suppliers, creates reports based on that, and allocates payment where it needs to go. There are three subscription plans to choose from based on your integration needs.

Collabpay uses PayPal, which is also the best dropshipping payment gateway for your business.

Bottom line: why should you run an automated dropshipping business

Time is a valuable asset so if you can invest in automation tools, your dropshipping business will be greatly optimized for higher revenue in less time.

Automation by technology enables you to speedily respond to customer demand like a large store and work as effectively as a team of a dozen people.

This way, you can also allocate more time into marketing and customer service for your Shopify store.

The money saved from hiring more employees can be directed to scale your business quickly and reinvest profit into your long-term growth plan.

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