How to relist ended listings and restock sold items on eBay

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Last update November 10, 2023

How to manage ended and sold products on eBay

Since the introduction of the Good ‘til Cancelled feature, all Buy it Now Items are set to be automatically relisted by eBay every 30 days. Unless:

  • They are manually ended by the seller;
  • They are sold.

Remember that an additional insertion fee is charged when Good ‘Til Cancelled or auction listings are both automatically and manually relisted unless the seller has zero-insertion-fee left or he/she qualifies for an insertion fee credit (also, the first 50 listings are free every month). More information on Good ‘til Cancelled listings can be found by clicking this link.

Ended items are placed in the Unsold section

If you end an item early, it will be moved to the Unsold section of your Seller Hub. It will stay there for 60 (or 90) days. Then it will be permanently ended by eBay.

Sold items and Out-of-stock

What happens to your sold items depends on whether you have the Out-of-Stock option active or not.

  • If you have it turned ON, your listings remain with “zero-quantity” for 90 (or 180) days.
  • If you have it OFF, your items will end automatically as they sell.

Read our tips and suggestions about the use of the Out-of-Stock option to save watchers, sales history and SEO ranking.

In the next sections of this article, we will explain how you can restock multiple products at once on eBay, and how you can relist ended items with Nembol without having to use selling templates.

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How to restock in batch sold listings on eBay

If your products sell out, and you have the Out-of-Stock turned ON, eBay won’t automatically end your listings. You have from 90 to 180 days to restock your items and make them available for your customers again.

Of course, this can be done inside eBay. But you also do it from Nembol. This way you can either:

  • Restock single products and single variations;
  • Restock in bulk multiple products at once (with all their variations too)

The latter is done with our Quantity Bulk Edit function: all you need to do is to select a bunch of products, click on the Actions button, then on “Quantity Bulk Edit”. Type in your preferred quantity and confirm. Nembol will change the quantity of all products (and their variations) to the number you have chosen!

On the other hand, if you need to restock each variation (or each product) with different quantities, you can simply open a product and manually change the inventory-count for every variant.

How to relist ended eBay listings with Nembol

For this or that other reason, your listings on eBay will end. Either because they stayed sold out for too long, either because you manually ended them, they will eventually expire. You have then two options:

  • Sell Similar
  • or Relist

But which one is better?

Sell Similar vs Relisting: which one is better?

This is a tricky question, and different sellers will have different opinions. We collected some for you:

When would you relist:

  • When you relist a multi-quantity item, watchers are notified that the item is available for sale again.
  • Sometimes, re-listing makes you eligible for an insertion fee credit.

When would you sell similar:

  • Selling similar tells eBay that you are selling a new item. This gives it a small boost in the ranking. However, you will lose the watchers and any good sales history.
  • Also, selling a new item wipes out bad selling history (for example, if you haven’t got any sales during the last 7-14 days, but you had a lot of impressions).
  • Selling similar on a multi-quantity listing resets it to the original quantity. This could be a problem to look after.

So, both alternatives have pros and cons. Our suggestion is to Sell Similar if the listing wasn’t a top-performer before selling out. This is also where Nembol joins the game: Nembol lets you automatically relist perfect copies of your products.

How to easily create a copy of your eBay listings

When using Nembol, you can easily publish a replica of your expired eBay listing in one click. This is how it works:

  • After importing your eBay listings into Nembol, they will be saved forever: Nembol can be used as a product-backup.
  • Independently from what happens to your listings in eBay, they will be available and editable in Nembol. So, when you need to relist an item, all you need to do is restock the quantity.
    — If the out-of-stock option is ON (in Nembol as well as in eBay), the item will be reactivated;
    — If the out-of-stock option is OFF, Nembol will create a copy of the original listing. The item will be published as a new listing, hence getting a boost in the positioning;
  • All of this, while keeping your inventory in sync with Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, WooCommerce, a second eBay account, and other marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, and social media.

Nembol is especially useful when:

  • Your listing has expired, and can’t be relisted and you can’t sell similar;
  • You don’t want to re-create the whole item;
  • You don’t want to use eBay selling templates (which still require you to spend great amounts of time);

Moreover, Nembol allows you to publish your items in bulk to multiple channels and to sync inventory and listing edits.

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