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Last update November 10, 2023


Given the launch of the Facebook Meta business suite and the release of the new APIs for Facebook Catalog, new useful tools have been released to ease Nembol selleres managing their business on Facebook.

Find out how to import products, perform bulk actions and sync the stock of your products. Keep reading to find out more!

What is Facebook Catalog

Facebook Catalog is the digital container for your products that Facebook requires you to use in order to sell products on Facebook Shops, and as a base to run e-commerce advertising on both Facebook and Instagram.

It is a concept similar to Google’s Merchant Center.

This article shows you how to bulk upload your products to Facebook Catalog from Etsy, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, and PrestaShop. First, we take a glimpse at our direct integration with FB Shop.

Then we show you how to upload your products to Facebook with a CSV (you can also download a template).

Meta Business suite: sell on Facebook Catalog

Meta Commerce Manager

In 2020, Facebook started moving into the e-commerce industry, improving Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping. This has clearly shown that Facebook was trying to overcome the local-marketplace-styled eCommerce. Zuckerberg’s company wants to gain its share in the professional online-selling business.

Today, following the progressive Meta brand development, we switched from Facebook Shop to Meta Commerce as the channel name and logo in Nembol. This harmonizes and gives greater insight into what Nembol users can do within their Meta Commerce Manager through Facebook Catalog (e.g. publications on Instagram, Facebook, and potentially WhatsApp).

Directly import products on Facebook Catalog

To ease social media selling, we have developed a number of functions to list and sync Facebook Catalog products across multiple channels. To easily upload your Etsy, Shopify, eBay or WoocCommerce, and Amazon products in your Facebook Catalog, all you need to do is:

  1. Connect Facebook Catalog to Nembol
  2. Bulk select products on your product tab
  3. Click on Actions
  4. Publish
  5. Select Meta Commerce
  6. Proceed
  7. And you’re done!

In the blink of an eye, Nembol has listed all your products multichannel products into your Facebook Catalog!

List on Facebook Catalog with a CSV template

With Nembol you can upload a CSV of all your products on Facebook Catalog.

You can download a CSV file of all your listings from your ERP or management software and have all your listings imported in Nembol, ready to be pushed on the Meta Catalog and on your additional channels.

Nembol CSV Import is the feature you were looking for to improve workflow and productivity.

Here below you can find a step-by-step walkthrough on how to download the CSV file from Nembol, and how to submit it to Facebook.

How you can easily upload your CSV on Facebook Catalog?

  1. First of all, download the Nembol CSV template on the Product Tab
  2. Fill the CSV column of the template with all your product information
  3. Once you’re done, upload the file on Nembol, clicking on the “Import CSV” button
  4. In a couple of minutes, You will see all your listings in your Nembol Product Tab
  5. Bulk select all the products you need to Publish on the Meta Catalog
  6. Click on Actions > Publish > pick Meta Commerce
  7. And in the blink of an eye, you’ll see all the selected products populate your Facebook Catalog!

Easy, reliable, and hassle-free!

Facebook Catalog selling tools

Facebook’s rebranding strategy has not just broadened the social media life/word with the idea of metaverse or pushed new products, such as in the case of NFTs. Indeed, Facebook is continuing to invest in and improve Facebook’s eCommerce reality.

This is evidenced by the latest release and update of new APIs that allowed Nembol to develop additional functions, designed to improve the Facebook Catalog management, and thus sales on Facebook and Instagram.

So What’s in store for Facebook catalog sellers that are using Nembol?

  1. The delist function: users can now single or bulk delist products from Meta Commerce (Facebook Shops and Instagram Commerce) directly using their Nembol account. Previously it was not possible to delist products once listed in a Meta Commerce catalog.
  2. Bulk Edit Meta Commerce products: it is now possible to edit from Nembol content, product specs, and stock quantities of products listed in Meta Commerce catalogs.
  3. Inventory sync: Nembol now syncs inventory to Meta Commerce catalogs. NOTE: stock status in Meta Commerce is currently limited to two stata, In stock and Out of stock. There is not exact stock count as other channels have. Nembol will therefore turn a product Out of stock in Meta Commerce when its total stock count in Nembol falls below 1 unit and back in stock, when its total stock in Nembol goes again above zero.
  4. Sync from Meta Commerce: there is currently no stock nor content sync, from Meta Commerce to Nembol. I.e. sync works only one way from Nembol to Meta Commerce and not vice versa.
  5. A switcher to disconnect Content as well as stock Edit from Nembol: this was designed for users who need to keep the content and inventory in Meta Commerce independent from content and inventory in Nembol and possibly other connected channels.

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