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Search Engine Optimization on eBay

eBay's internal search engine uses an algorithm that matches a buyer's search terms with product details, business policies, seller feedback rating, number of items listed, and several other aspects. In this article we'll go through the most important factors that help your listings be featured in eBay's Best Match section.

How to make your products easier to find

1. Craft a smart product title

Unlike Amazon, eBay allows for personalized product titles, which can be up to 80 characters including spaces. The title should clearly and quickly convey exactly what you're selling, including the brand, product condition, and gender target. These are all terms that will be searched by both Google and eBay.

2. Write a comprehensive product description

This is what eBay.com calls “Details”. Write a complete description of what you are selling, with no omissions and no errors. In this field many pro sellers like to use html formatting to personalize their listing a bit. We do not recommend this for beginners (and don't recommend it in general, unless for special reasons).

3. Make your description mobile-friendly

Starting July 2016, eBay will introduce mobile-friendly item summaries. If your item description is less than 800 characters, it will be displayed in its entirety in mobile searches.

4. Insert a unique product code

eBay lists some items on Google. On May 15th 2016, Google made it compulsory for products in Product Listing Ads to have a unique product identifier such as an EAN/UPC code or an ISBN. Providing a product code is not mandatory when listing on eBay, but your item will be penalized in searches if you don't.

5. Provide excellent customer service

You're on a mission to avoid receiving a single negative feedback. If you get one, you should do all you can to have it changed or removed.

6. Offer free shipping

It's better to price an item at $15 and offer free shipping rather than price it at $10 and charge $4.50 for shipping costs. Why? Because people love free shipping and tend to buy more items that have the shipping costs built into the price. eBay rewards you for offering free shipping by moving you to a higher level in Best Match.

How to use Nembol for optimal product listing

  1. Retrieve product information by simply scanning a barcode. If you are a reseller, ask your supplier to upload their high quality pictures and approved content into the Nembol cloud
  2. Add product details using the custom fields such as brand, category, tags, and any others that apply. The more fields you enter, the better chance you have of matching a buyer's search terms and any filtered searches
  3. Take advantage of the built-in optical character recognition feature: photograph a product’s technical information from the packaging or labels then use that information to fill in your product card
  4. Easily select which policies (shipping, payment and return) to use for each listing and specify the item conditions from your eBay settings right in the app
  5. Of course, listings more products will make you appear in more search results and Nembol is the fastest and easiest way to list on eBay and other websites!

Do you have any other tips for listing on eBay? Have you tried using Nembol to list your product? Share your comments below!