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Last update November 12, 2023


As an eBay seller, you are probably wondering if there are tricks and hacks that can help your listings climb up the eBay SERP, letting you sell more. Well, you will be glad to hear that some effective strategies actually exist, and most of them fall within the SEO strategy techniques. But what is SEO? And how does it works on eBay?

Let’s go through it together!

How to increase sales on eBay

eBay is one of the most popular and largest online marketplaces, where thousands of customers and sellers interface with one another on a daily basis. But in such a competitive marketplace, how can you stand out from the crowd and boost your products’ visibility?

eBay’s SEO algorithm

eBay’s internal search engine uses an algorithm that matches a buyer’s search terms with product details, business policies, seller feedback rating, number of items listed, and several other aspects. Thus, to rank up your products and sell more, you should optimize your listing so that eBay features them in the Best Match section.

To make your product easy to find, you can:

  • Leverage on eBay SEO tecniques
  • Distinguish for an excellent customer service
  • Run product sponsorization (a.k.a. product ads)

What is SEO writing

Generally speaking, SEO writing is a copywriters’ and marketers’ technique that focuses on the research and use of keywords most commonly used by people on Google when looking for topics or products.

This best practice aims to rank on the first pages of organic results, in order to maximize visibility and boost selling opportunities. Search engine optimization is widely used on websites, but how can sellers use it on eBay specifically?

In this section, we will list 4 SEO tips to let your eBay business scale up!

eBay SEO tips in 2023

1. Craft a smart product title

Unlike Amazon, eBay allows for personalized product titles, which can be up to 80 characters including spaces. The title should clearly and quickly convey exactly what you’re selling, including the brand, product condition, and gender target. These are all terms that will be searched by both Google and eBay.

2. Write a comprehensive product description

This is what eBay.com identifies with the “Details” field.

Write a complete description of what you are selling, with no omissions and no errors. In this field, many pro sellers like to use HTML formatting to personalize their listing, using matching fonts, colors, images, links, or even tables. We do not recommend this for beginners.

3. Insert a unique product code

To increase the opportunity to rank up the searching results, you definitively need to include and associate unique identifiers (such as an EAN/UPC code or an ISBN) to your listings. Providing a product code is not mandatory when listing on eBay, but your item will be penalized in searches if you don’t.

4. Use links to connect relevant pages

You can include in your product description links that redirect to your eBay Store main page, to similar products, or even to complementary products (for instance, printers and toners).

5. Try offering Free Shipping

This is what we can call an “old but gold” tip! Customers are more likely to buy a product with a higher price and a free-of-charge delivery than a cheap item with high shipping fees. that’s why it’s better to raise the retail price than to offer paid shipping. If you can’t offer free shipping, try at least to strike a balance between the cost of the item and shipping charges.

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eBay selling tricks

We know that sellers can’t get enough useful tricks! Here you have 3 best practices that you should totally take into account while selling on eBay.

Use catchy product images

During the scrolling, customers give a superficial sight to the listed products, so what better than good quality and detailed picture can attract people’s attention!

Read more here: eBay’s images and text policy.

Become a top seller with a high positive feedback score

Try to provide the best customers services you can, eBay is a marketplace based on mutual trust, and both sellers and customers receive reviews and ratings.

You’re on a mission to avoid receiving single negative feedback. If you get one, you should do all you can to have it changed or removed.

Price your products benchmarking your competitors

On eBay, to maximize your selling opportunity, you should consider and watch out for your direct competitors’ strategies. One of the main things to benchmark is the price.

First of all, to choose a competitive price. You should take into account the price set by your direct competitors. You can discover the most profitable prices (in terms of sales) by searching your product on eBay and clicking on the ” sold items” and “completed items” checkboxes, placed on the bottom left of the page results.

This way, you will be able to estimate the average price and maximum threshold payable by your customers. Once you discovered it, you may use the psychological pricing technique, which involves labeling your products using “0.99” at the end.

For instance, if you sell bracelets and you want to sell one piece of your collection for $20, you may increase your sales by lowering the price from $20 to $19.99. This technique is easy but powerful!

Nembol users can set different pricing rules for each marketplace or e-commerce platform. Along with that, Nembol automatically sets the price of the listings to the closest .99 psychological threshold.

To read more, read this dedicated article: Adjust prices across channels

How to use Nembol for optimal product listing

Nembol is an intuitive app designed to ease multichannel sellers who are looking for integrated software able to bulk list products on multiple channels, keeping the inventory synced, and having access to many different and powerful features.

To ease the management of your eBay store (or even of your 2 eBay stores) you can rely on Nembol:

Defining how you want your products listed, deciding in advance:

  • Listing Type: Buy Now vs Auction
  • Condition: New vs Pre-Owned
  • Duration: 7 days vs Max Possible

Using Nembol simplified business policies to bulk assign your listings to a set of business policies (Payment method, Returns Policy, Postage Policy).

Choosing to use the Out-of-stock option to hide from the eBay page results (without deleting) your “Good Till Cancelled” listings when the quantity reaches zero. This way, you will be able to re-stock the available quantity without losing the listing history, which is useful to display your products on the firsts page results.

Keeping quantities updated and aligned thanks to the Quantity sync function. Every time you sell your products or manually change the available quantities, Nembol will align your inventory accordingly. You will feel relief avoiding annoying problems such as overselling or oversights.

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