What is a TikTok Shop Creator, and what is a TikTok Merchant?

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Last update March 10, 2024


In recent years, TikTok has emerged as a powerful tool for merchants and creators, offering unique opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Understanding its potential, and mastering best practices, is essential for sellers who want to expand their buying audience and increase sales.

TikTok has an integrated e-commerce platform called TikTok Shop, which allows users to browse and purchase products without leaving the app. TikTok Shop offers merchants a way to reach potential customers at their most engaging times, which the help of TikTok Creators.

In this article you will learn how all this works.


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What is a TikTok merchant?

TikTok merchants are brands or individuals who leverage the TikTok platform to showcase and sell their products directly to users. TikTok Shop merchants come from a wide array of industries, including fashion, beauty, tech, and many more.

The inner mechanics of TikTok shop make so that sellers are not required to be or to become pro video makers to excel. In fact, sellers can collaborate with existing TikTok creators, which means creators will produce and publish on TikTok the viral videos needed to showcase products. This will make things easier for sellers and save their time.

To be accepted as a seller on TikTok, businesses will have to go through a screening performed by TikTok, which requires quite a few steps, including producing a tax ID, and other formal documents. We’ll tell you more on this in a next article.

What is a TikTok Shop creator?

TikTok Shop creators are influential TikTok users who produce engaging content to entertain, inform, and influence their followers.

These creators range from celebrities and influencers to everyday users, whose unique content plays a crucial role in the TikTok ecosystem by creating trends, fostering communities, and driving sales through product promotions and reviews.

Via the tools of TikTok Shop, creators can find sellers and products to associate to their videos, and may gain an affiliation fee.


Why should a TikTok seller collaborate with one or more creators?

Working with one or more TikTok creators offers a multitude of benefits to a TikTok seller.

Creators have a deep understanding of their audience, and know how to create content that captures their followers. Creating well-researched content can lead to greater brand awareness and increased sales.

Creators are the bridge between TikTok merchants and their potential customers, providing a trusted voice that can authentically promote products.

Through collaboration with creators, the merchant is able to promote products via TikTok’s viral videos. The unique advantage lies in the hands-off approach, where the merchant doesn’t create promotional material for their product but rather delegates this task to a skilled creator.

According to data provided by TikTok, more than 40% of users agree that they trust the recommendations of TikTok creators, and ads with creators on TikTok increase brand favor by more than 25%.

This shows how important it is to collaborate with creators who create content specifically for TikTok.

How to get in contact with TikTok creators?

Connecting with the right creators is essential to making a successful collaboration. Merchants can use TikTok Shop’s built-in marketing tools, such as the Creator Marketplace, where they can find creators whose audiences align with their industry, budget, and business goals.

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The benefits of an automated listing software with TikTok Shop Integration

Implementing a listing software to start selling on TikTok Shop is a successful choice for multichannel sellers looking to expand their online presence and maximize sales.

The synergy between a multichannel software such as Nembol, and TikTok Shop gives sellers a unique competitive advantage: the ability to effortlessly manage product listings on multiple platforms while leveraging TikTok’s wide audience. This not only increases product visibility, but also creates a cohesive shopping experience for consumers, encouraging direct purchases through engaging content.

With Nembol, you can seamlessly upload your products to TikTok from major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. Additionally, you can showcase your products on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Choosing Nembol to sell on TikTok Shop not only eases sales operations, but also opens the door to new growth opportunities in the vibrant TikTok market, where innovation and creativity drive commercial success.

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