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Last update November 12, 2023


Nembol is a bulk-listing software and an inventory sync and bulk-edit tool.

We integrate with multiple channels: marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, and social media.

This page shows you all features and automation functions we offer when using Nembol with the Etsy bulk-listing software and inventory sync.

How to connect Etsy to Nembol

Connecting your Etsy account to Nembol is a very simple procedure.
All you need to do is to:

  1. Open Nembol and access the Channels Tab
  2. Click on the “Connect channels +” button to connect your Etsy account to Nembol
  3. You will be redirected to Etsy’s login page
  4. Sign in using your Etsy credentials
  5. Finally, “allow” access to Nembol

Please Note: if you have problems accessing, please make sure that you completed your Etsy account with all required information.

More on the login: Set up your Etsy account

Etsy-channel-setting 2024
how to login to etsy using nembol

Nembol does not work with digital products

Unfortunately, at this time, Nembol does not work with Etsy’s digital products. If you are interested in using Nembol with this type of product, please let us know.

We will check and see how we can integrate better with this channel.

List and Sync features available with Etsy

Import products from Etsy

With Nembol, you can easily bulk-import your listings from Etsy into many different channels, such as: eBay, Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Facebook, TikTok Shop, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google Merchant Center, and Instagram. See our integrations.

Import specific items

In Etsy’s setting, under the “Import settings” section, you can choose to add filters to the import. Choose which items should be imported by Nembol:

  • Status: active, draft, expired, inactive.
  • Section: import only from a specific section in Nembol.

Don’t worry! You will be able to change your settings whenever you want.

Bulk-list products on Etsy

With Nembol you will be able to bulk-list your products on Etsy in just a few clicks.
The channels you can import your products from are:

In the “Publish settings” section, you can easily select how your listings will be exported from Nembol into Etsy. See how to use available functions here below.

Sync inventory across channels

Nembol is provided with a smart function that automatically syncs the available quantities across multiple channels.

Enable the Quantity sync towards Nembol, and every time you sell an item, Nembol will align the inventory across all your connected channels.

Watch this video to get started, or read more: The Quantity Sync function

Bulk edit on Etsy

Mass-edit your listings using a CSV file, or use the quantity bulk edit function to push quantity updates to all your channels at the same time.

Edits made on a single product will be share across connected channels, too.

By default, Nembol will publish your multi-quantity products with a quantity maximum of 999, to match Etsy’s limits on inventory count. The products will be restocked as you sell them if you still have availability in Nembol. This will save you time when bulk publishing from other channels, like eBay or Shopify.

Link listings on different channels

Before your Nembol subscription, you may have already listed items on different channels. You can easily connect them with Nembol.

How to link products on different channels:

  • First, import your products from your preferred channel.
  • Then, import products from any additional channels. Nembol will automatically link all products that have matching SKU codes.
  • From now on, the products will be in sync.

List your products using a CSV file on Etsy

Nembol allows you to bulk-publish your products using a CSV file, also on Etsy.

If you are an Etsy seller, you probably already know that this channel doesn’t allow users to import products using a CSV file.

Nembol provides users with the opportunity to overcome this obstacle, allowing them to upload a CSV file on Nembol, and then bulk-list items to Etsy.

Read More: How to import products from a CSV file (on multiple channels)

Transfer orders into Shopify

Shopify users may prefer to use it as a central hub to manage their listings.

Nembol, connected to a Shopify account, allows you to automatically sync any edit you have done in Shopify on Etsy and on other channels. In addition to this function, Nembol can transfer the orders you get in Etsy into your Shopify backend.

Read more: Import orders into Shopify

Try Nembol for free: enjoy a 14-day trial
No credit card required

Automation tools for Etsy

In this section, we will go through the main settings available for your Etsy account on Nembol.
Opt-in your favorite settings, and let Nembol meet your needs.

To access the settings, go to your Channels Tab, and click on the settings icon next to the Etsy logo.

Etsy-channel-setting 2024
how to login to etsy using nembol

There are 3 different sections:

  • Sync settings (on the left)
  • Publish settings
  • Import settings

Sync Settings are divided in turn into three parts:

  • Main 
  • Price rules
  • Inventory control

In the Main section you can manage the following features:

  • Quantity sync towards Nembol
  • Content update from Nembol
Sync settings content update from Nembol quantity sync 2024

In the Price rules section you can manage the following feature:

Price adjust: set up dedicated prices for each channel. Set a % discount or % price raise. Fill the box with the number of the % variation you want to apply, and from here on, all your Etsy listings prices will be adjusted accordingly.

Read more: Price adjust: automatic pricing rules

In the Inventory control section you can manage the following feature:

Automatic quantity-limit: publish your listings even if you have more than 999 inventory-quantity and sync with other platforms.

Inventory control 2024-05

Quantity sync towards Nembol

Enable this function, and Nembol will synchronize inventory from Etsy to Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, TikTok Shop, and Amazon, whenever you get an order in Etsy.

Sync settings content update from Nembol quantity sync 2024
quantity sync on etsy with nembol

Content update from Nembol

  • Turn it “On” to allow Nembol to push listing updates and edits to Etsy
  • Turn it “Off” and Nembol will sync only the inventory quantity, price, and SKU code.
bulk edits from nembol to etsy

Publish settings

Choose how your items should be published to Etsy.


    Publish Etsy settings 2024
    list to etsy settings

    List status: this function allows you to list your products as active or draft.
    By default, Nembol published all items in the draft section. This allows you to make your tests without having to pay Etsy’s fees for active listings.

    Who made it: state who create your item. You, a collaborator or a different firm.

    When was it made: state when the item was made: year or century (for older items)

    Read more: Oh dear, you cannot sell this item

    What is it?: flag on this button if you are selling tools, materials, ingredients, parts, or any craft supply useful to create new items.

    Category: here, you can select which Etsy category you want to list your items to. Choose one of your most-used categories or select the *Automatic option. Nembol automatically assigns your product to the most frequent category among your latest 100 Etsy listings.

    Shop section: Nembol lets you select an Etsy shop section to list in.

    Title in sentencecase: when this function is active, Nembol will automatically transform tiles with all uppercase letters into a format accepted by Etsy.

    Delivery profile: choose which delivery profile you want to use. Nembol retrieves your delivery profiles from your Etsy account.
    Please note: Nembol will upload only the “non calculated” shipping profiles.


    list to etsy main functions
    delivery and shop section for etsy

    Import settings

    Here you can select which of your Etsy listings you want to import into Nembol.

    Filter by Product Status or Shop Section.

    Import updates: Enable this feature to have Nembol update your listings with every new import based on your Etsy content. After re-importing your products, any edits you make on Etsy will be synchronized across all your other channels.


    Import Etsy settings 2024
    Import from Etsy with nembol

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    Issue with Etsy? Troubleshooting

    If your Nembol account isn’t working with Etsy as it should, most of the time it depends on small issues. Please, read our guide about Etsy’s problems and solutions or contact us through the built-in chat.

    Our team will be glad to help you!

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